Her life is comprised of glamour and grit, she performs her traditional folk dances on the dirt track as if on a stage on Broadway, dressed in each fragment of her story.

original photo, taken by myself in late 2010


The Column

my appropriation of ‘The Broken Column’ by Frida Kahlo

soft pastel, watercolor, charcoal and acrylic paint on hot press canson paper

It stands for a woman who is strong, determined…


A young Frida

She is a nomad, a beautiful gypsy, a collector, an artist…

The macabre fills her subconscious; she engages in a love affair with ‘La Santa Muerte’, and each day she dances with her calavera of death.

Her intensity is feared by most, yet her allure captures the imagination of every man in her path. She tells people ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ is her birthday, believing that she is more a part of the spiritual world than the physical.


I apologize that this image source is unknown, I have held onto it in a folder on my computer for a long time. and it is the source of my inspiration… the muse.



Womenswear Textiles Collection

Spring/Summer ‘12


“The word death is not pronounced in New York, in Paris, in London,

Because it burns the lips.

The Mexican, in contrast, is familiar with death,

Jokes about it,

Caresses it,

Sleeps with it,

Celebrates it,

It is one of his favourite toys and most steadfast love.”

Octavio Paz