Stephanie is a final year fashion and textiles design student at UTS. She lives in fairy tales, and aims to create a fanciful world around her. Her imagination runs wild, she paints her daydreams in watercolours on giant canvases. Fashion is an extension of this for the young designer, she is able to make her characters come to life, to move, to play, to dance…

the designer

She is creating a Womenswear Textiles collection called:


Stephanie is celebrating the macabre in fashion and exploring the Day of the Dead festival The collection is remebering the ‘memento mori’ – remember you must die and designing without reservation, using this notion as an opportunity for self expression. exploding this with colour, imagination and spontaneity.

…..this blog, Memento Mori, will follow her journey


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I proudly framed and hung your first pre-school artwork (a rainbow fish) on my wall
    20yrs ago; cant wait to proudly wear one of your masterpieces to your graduation!!!
    Good luck bella x

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