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recent shoot by Hugo Garay



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click on the link to see a selection of images from the UTS Preview Show 2011,

I was excited to see someone had taken a quick snap of my shoes from my collection backstage! and included it on the blog. YAY

the shoes are embellished with custom made ceramic mosaic ‘buttons’ that I had stitched onto the shoe, all the buttons are unique and the imagery comes from

my interpretation of the Frida Kahlo story. Thanks to Wendy for helping me with these 🙂

more exciting things to look at

on a rainy monday like this, there is nothing better than getting a warmed up with a skim latte and sitting in front of the computer screen looking at inspirational work. go to to view some of the other students work from our graduating year of UTS Design (Fashion and Textiles).

ps. leaving you with another beautiful shot of Amber from my collection shoot,

nonna’s specialty – crochet!

I love crochet, there is nothing anyone can say to me about it… yes it is kitsch and silly at times… but i aim to change this perception from what you see below to something innovative, new and inspiring. Watch this space for 3d pine paper crochet samples. just got to get my head around creating new patterns- crochet is pretty tricky!


These are a couple of recent images taken for my portfolio. Thanks to Michael from for taking the shoot on at such late notice, its appreciated!!

Both pieces shown are from second year. the bodice is designed to exhibit the hand bead work on the neck, the shape was inspired by the Metropolis movie and past images of the imagined future.

The second piece is a dress that i designed for Mary Brown’s embroidery and beading subject. The applique piece was a painting that i did with watercolours directly to the backing fabric, and all the beading was hand done. It was selected for exhibition and was on display at the Embroiderers Guild.

I think the most interesting part of these images is that you can see the direct relationship to where i am today. These two pieces were strong examples of my development of my interests. I find myself now working towards embroidery, painting and imaginative shapes, my collection reflects the utilization of these skills.

colours colours colours

distracting myself from dissertation work, i am playing with colour – my favorite thing to do besides print designing. I have a love hate relationship with colour, the mood you can create is absorbing, and trying to put all your feeling into it can be frustrating. but when you can convey what you set out to do it is very fulfilling. these images show a process of extracting colour from a frida image and creating a colour story. the aim is to show a ‘mexican’ inspired range of colour – but not a festival that is literal and insensitive. saturating the colours helps convey my spring/summer collection… i am going for ‘antiquity with a twist’ to quote my mentor.

Black magic



These are my favorite flowers at the moment, the calla lilies are such a dark wine colour I’m in awe. I bought these during a stroll not long ago at the flower markets. Other flowers I’d like to look into more are the coxcomb and marigolds- both brightly colored flowers yet traditionally Mexican death flowers used to decorate tombstones.