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click on the link to see a selection of images from the UTS Preview Show 2011,

I was excited to see someone had taken a quick snap of my shoes from my collection backstage! and included it on the blog. YAY

the shoes are embellished with custom made ceramic mosaic ‘buttons’ that I had stitched onto the shoe, all the buttons are unique and the imagery comes from

my interpretation of the Frida Kahlo story. Thanks to Wendy for helping me with these 🙂


Colour feature – coral and turquoise


These images have been chosen in reference to colour palette experimentation. Frida was known to accessorize with large stones and gems, in particular I have noted green and red to be strong favorites in her jewelry choices. Thus inspiring me to consider embellishment with these stones, coming from my chosen colours and perhaps for jewelry pieces to adorn my models.