Shoot styled by UTS 4th year student Bec Glaser

my fav shot from her shoot

photography by

featuring my brace lace up leather skirt and sheer beaded rib cage top from DANSE MACABRE


Hugo Garay Photography – Danse Macabre

recent shoot by Hugo Garay


more exciting things to look at

on a rainy monday like this, there is nothing better than getting a warmed up with a skim latte and sitting in front of the computer screen looking at inspirational work. go to to view some of the other students work from our graduating year of UTS Design (Fashion and Textiles).

ps. leaving you with another beautiful shot of Amber from my collection shoot,

Braces and brackets

At the moment I am obsessed with trying to convey the idea of orthopedic devices in my work. Frida was burdened with wearing a back brace/ torso brace and leg braces throughout her life as she battled illness which led to operations and the eventual amputation of some of her leg. However, until she died, these burdens did not hold her back… As she said famously ‘who needs feet when you can fly?’

After having the flu since Sunday and struggling to get any work done at such a crucial time, my muse is the perfect motivation to help me push on.


Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress

Frida’s wardrobe is a source of infinite inspiration. I am looking at the book ‘Self Portrait In a Velvet Dress’, it shows detailed images of Kahlo’s personal items and garments. My collection will have elements of the traditional Mexican dress, and also Frida’s way of accessorizing in an eclectic way and putting together unexpected items.

The look is a collection headdresses, layering, pattern on pattern, embroidery, heavy skirts, elaborate jewellery and a homage to her own personal story…

i reccomened purchasing this book