Vailea – Womenswear Collection 2010

I am truely amazed at these images, thank you so much Angela from Butterfly Bones. You have created images that really encapsulate my collection’s story and spirit. The hair was done gorgeously by Nathan at Toni&Guy Parramatta. Not to mention the stunning model Jessica, thank you so much.

This collection, Vailea, is about exploring the idea of memories. The collection’s aim is to evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, love and protection… And the awakening of feelings from a favorite time in your past. The memory I recalled was traveling to the north qld coast and swimming in the inspiring great barrier reef. The coral provide this protection for the sea life it shares it’s home with. This idea was represented visually by creating coral like shapes from manipulated fabrics with techniques such as tucks, shirring and smocking in organic irregular patterns to create shape, in essence creating safe places for the wearer to hide.


one original print, highly resolved repeat stage :) :)

This print is an original, complete with my own sketches, painting and photography. This print will be a part of a series of textiles for my collection which will serve to represent different aspects of frida kahlo’s life. This print in particular represents her sexuality and the challenges she had embracing her self as a woman. Love was a tricky topic for her, she experienced so much pain in her life- physically, emotionally, etc. Here I explore the impact on this on her sexual life and the varied and intense interactions she experienced, perhaps due to the for-mentioned history she had.

nonna’s specialty – crochet!

I love crochet, there is nothing anyone can say to me about it… yes it is kitsch and silly at times… but i aim to change this perception from what you see below to something innovative, new and inspiring. Watch this space for 3d pine paper crochet samples. just got to get my head around creating new patterns- crochet is pretty tricky!


These are a couple of recent images taken for my portfolio. Thanks to Michael from for taking the shoot on at such late notice, its appreciated!!

Both pieces shown are from second year. the bodice is designed to exhibit the hand bead work on the neck, the shape was inspired by the Metropolis movie and past images of the imagined future.

The second piece is a dress that i designed for Mary Brown’s embroidery and beading subject. The applique piece was a painting that i did with watercolours directly to the backing fabric, and all the beading was hand done. It was selected for exhibition and was on display at the Embroiderers Guild.

I think the most interesting part of these images is that you can see the direct relationship to where i am today. These two pieces were strong examples of my development of my interests. I find myself now working towards embroidery, painting and imaginative shapes, my collection reflects the utilization of these skills.

I am becoming too “safe”

I think after agonizing and refining my drawings i am becoming a little boring out of fear/stress/tiredness. Time to look back on original inspiration and mentors and remind myself what this collection is all about, to get the spirit back!

Tao is one of my mentors because of her spontaneity and youthfulness. This collection of fall 09 has been saved on my computer for ages. It’s not my aesthetic exactly, but this designer obviously sticks to her original motive whilst pushing her ideas as far as she can with print, embellishment, volume and head to toe styling!!




Braces and brackets

At the moment I am obsessed with trying to convey the idea of orthopedic devices in my work. Frida was burdened with wearing a back brace/ torso brace and leg braces throughout her life as she battled illness which led to operations and the eventual amputation of some of her leg. However, until she died, these burdens did not hold her back… As she said famously ‘who needs feet when you can fly?’

After having the flu since Sunday and struggling to get any work done at such a crucial time, my muse is the perfect motivation to help me push on.


Sneak peek



To finally document some of my womenswear garments was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my time doing fashion at uts. My amazingly talented friends helped me on the shoot. This is a sneak peek from the location… Much more to come 🙂 thanks again to Angela, Nathan and Jessica… (I will credit you all properly when i post the final images) xx 


Colour feature – coral and turquoise


These images have been chosen in reference to colour palette experimentation. Frida was known to accessorize with large stones and gems, in particular I have noted green and red to be strong favorites in her jewelry choices. Thus inspiring me to consider embellishment with these stones, coming from my chosen colours and perhaps for jewelry pieces to adorn my models.